The Hamilton County Reutilization Corporation (“Landbank”) is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors. The Board is comprised of members designated by the Ohio Revised Code and experts and leaders in the fields of real estate, local government and economic development from Hamilton County.

Board of Directors

  • Chair – Charlie Winburn, Interim Hamilton County Treasurer
  • Vice Chair – Joe Honerlaw, Township Representative
  • Director – Denise Driehaus, Board of County Commissioners
  • Director – Stephanie Summerow Dumas, Board of County Commissioners
  • Director – Alicia Reece, Board of County Commissioners
  • Director – Mayor John Cranley, Largest Municipality Representative
  • Director – Mark Quarry, Municipality
  • Director – Tom Weidman, Township
  • Director – Molly North, Real Estate Representative

The Port staff provides all executive and administrative services to fulfill the Landbank’s staffing needs.

2021 Board Schedule

Hamilton County Land Reutilization Corporation (HCLRC) 2021 Board of Directors Meeting Schedule
All meetings begin at 4:00 PM and are located at 138 E. Court Street Cincinnati, OH 45202 – Sixth Floor Conference Room

Wednesday, January 27 at 4pm

Tuesday, April 27 at 4pm

Tuesday, August 25 at 4pm

Tuesday, October 26 at 4pm

Statutes and County Resolutions


Board Resolutions

2017-01 Resolution – Amending the Code of Regulations and Comprehensive Ethics Policy

2017-02 Resolution – Budget

2017-03 Resolution Amending the Articles of Incorporation

2017-04 Resolution – Budget Revision for YE

2016-01 Resolution – Appointment of Additional Directors

2016-02 Resolution – Budget & Exhibits

2016-03 Resolution – Historic Structure Stabilization Program

2016-04 Resolution – Line of Credit

2016-05 Resolution – Budget Addition for Avondale

2016-06 Resolution – Budget Revision for YE

2015-01 Resolution – Budget

2015-02 Resolution – Evanston and Walnut Hills Targeted Neighborhood Strategies

2015-03 Resolution – Signing Authority

2015-04 Resolution – HCLRC Acquisition and Disposition

2015-05 Resolution – Budget Revision

2014-01 Resolution to approve the annual budget for the fiscal year 2014

2014-02 Resolution to borrow $200K from LISC

2014-03 Resolution to borrow $1.5 mill for evanston rehab

2014-04 Resolution appointing additional directors

2014-05 Resolution to purchase 6900 Reading Road

2014-06 Resolution – Historic structure funding for 2015

2014-07 Resolution – Port Authority Management Contract Renewal

2014-08 Resolution – Evanston Commercial Corridor

2013-01 Resolution to approve the annual budget for the fiscal year 2013

2013-02 Resolution to Allocate $250,000.00 to the Historic Structure Stabilization Program

2013-03 Resolution to Approve Amendments to Code of Regulations

2013-04 Resolution for Revised 2013 Budget

2013-05 Resolution – Applying for and accepting NIP grant

2013-06 Resolution – Historic structure funding for 2014

2013-07 Resolution – Evanston and St. Bernard

2012-01 Resolution Accepting muncipal and township appointments

2012-02 Appointing additional members

2012-03 Accepting Code of Regulations

2012-04 Accepting Agreement and Plan

2012-05 Resolution Approving Initial Interim Budget for 2012

2012-06 Resolution Approving Service Agreement w-Port Authority

2012-07 PNC Master Agreement Resolution

2012-08 HCLRC guidance document

2012-09 HCLRC public records policy

2012-10 HCLRC conflict of interest policy

2012-11 Applying for and accepting Moving Ohio Forward grant

2012-12 5722.21 declaration

2012-13 HCLRC records commission

2012-14 Resolution to advance monies to City of Cincinnati for demo funding

2012-15 Resolution to approve expenditure of funds

2012-16 Resolution to allocate 250k to historic stabilization program

Board Minutes