Mission and Goals

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Hamilton County Landbank is to return vacant properties to productive use through the tools statutorily provided to the Landbank and by leveraging the resources of the Landbank’s executive arm, The Port. In cooperation with our governmental and non-governmental partners and as a result of our relationships with private developers, the Landbank focuses on providing diverse commercial and residential opportunities through catalytic investment in neighborhoods. These investments will lead to improved community quality of life, blight and nuisance abatement, stabilization, revitalization, increased property values and will return unproductive properties to contributing, tax-paying status.


  • To promote and facilitate the reclamation, rehabilitation and reutilization of vacant, abandoned, tax-foreclosed or other real property in Hamilton County to the fullest extent possible within the legal and fiscal limitations applicable to the Landbank.
  • To efficiently hold and manage vacant, abandoned or tax-foreclosed real property pending its reclamation, rehabilitation, and reutilization.
  • To assist governmental entities and other nonprofit or for-profit persons to assemble and clear the title of vacant, abandoned or tax-foreclosed real property.
  • To promote economic and housing development in Hamilton County.
  • To advance, encourage and promote industrial economic, commercial and civic development in communities throughout Hamilton County.