Giving places new purpose

to strengthen Hamilton County communities.

When real estate works, communities benefit. Our mission is to put properties back to productive use to transform communities one lot at a time.

Through rehab, stabilization or new-build

We operate a market-rate housing program as well as a historic structure stabilization program to prepare properties for new owners.

Through new owners with a plan

We work to sell properties to people and organizations with a transformative vision. Have an idea for a property? Let us know!

Through community partners and municipalities

We collaborate with communities and local government to ensure properties are repositioned in alignment with community plans.

1702 Central before renovation

1702 Central after renovation by OTR A.D.O.P.T.

2112 Hatmaker
Before Renovations

2112 Hatmaker
1 year after Renovations

1537 St. Leger vacant lot following demolition of blighted property

1537 St. Leger with new-build infill housing through REACH Evanston

1710 Brewster with renovations by Easterseals underway

1710 Brewster ribbon cutting

Blight to Bright

Our impact? Vibrant, productive properties where blight and vacancy once held residence, transforming communities one lot at a time.

Landbank’s Historic Structure Stabilization Program Saves Iconic Cincinnati Region Landmarks (Video)

The Hamilton County Landbank, a managed entity of The Port, stabilizes and preserves historical landmarks throughout Cincinnati and Hamilton County for redevelopment and reuse. Through its Historic Structure Stabilization Program, the Landbank has stabilized 39 properties from 2014 to 2021.

Interested in purchasing a Landbank property? These resources are a great place to start.

Learn more about the application process, explore resources for doing property research, and check out a helpful guide for first-time rehabbers.