Giving places new purpose

to strengthen Hamilton County communities.

When properties are productive, communities benefit. Our mission is to put properties back to productive use to transform communities one lot at a time.

Our offices are closed, but we are open for business

As we all face the COVID-19 pandemic and work to flatten the curve, our team is continuing to work remotely to make real estate work. As part of that effort, our team has temporarily canceled in-person office hours, but we are still available to answer your questions and walk through the application process. You can contact us via email at Make sure to include, along with a summary of your inquiry, the best way to contact you, whether by email or phone and what time of day is typically the most convenient for you for a follow up. Someone from the Landbank Team will be in touch.

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How we put properties back to productive use

Through rehab, stabilization or infill new-build

We operate a market-rate housing program as well as a historic structure stabilization program to prepare properties for new owners.

Through new owners with a plan

We work to match properties with new owners with a transformative vision. See a property you have an idea for? Let us know!

Through community partners and municipalities

We collaborate with communities and local government to ensure properties are repositioned in alignment with community plans.

Hamilton County Landbank top ten dispositions 2019

We took a look through all of the Hamilton County Landbank's 175 property dispositions in 2019 and highlighted ten that represent a broad range of project types, geographies, and Landbank programs. Each property has a compelling story about how it will be transformed from being blighted and abandoned real estate into a home, yard, business, or community asset.

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1702 Central before renovation

1702 Central after renovation by OTR A.D.O.P.T.

2112 Hatmaker
Before Renovations

2112 Hatmaker
1 year after Renovations

1537 St. Leger vacant lot following demolition of blighted property

1537 St. Leger with new-build infill housing through REACH Evanston

1710 Brewster with renovations by Easterseals underway

1710 Brewster ribbon cutting

Blight to Bright

Our impact? Vibrant, productive properties where blight and vacancy once held residence, transforming communities one lot at a time.

Instead of tearing down these houses, I want to bring them back to life with families living in them. Like there were when I was growing up here. I live on this street and I want to see this neighborhood be active again.

- Milton Davis, Cumminsville Rehabber and Resident

When Davis bought 3713 Cass from the Landbank, one of the walls of the house was falling down and the roof was open to the weather. Today, a family lives in the 2,500 square foot house built in 1911. Davis and his friend and neighbor of 20 years, Terry Lowery, worked together to rehab 3713 Cass. Lowery also bought a house on Cass. He’s been rehabbing it while living in it. He plans to stay in the home once he’s finished with the rehab.

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