About the Landbank

The Hamilton County Land Reutilization Corporation (“Landbank”) was incorporated by the County Treasurer in October 2011 and the Landbank Board was appointed in January 2012.

In February 2012, the Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority was contracted to serve as the management company for the Landbank. Under this agreement, the Port Authority staff provides all executive and administrative services for the Landbank. This relationship allows the Landbank to utilize the tools, expertise, and resources of the Port Authority as to efficiently carry out the Landbank’s purpose and goals.

Leadership and Core Staff

Through a management agreement, The Port staff provides all executive and administrative services to fulfill the Landbank’s staffing needs. The core Landbank team is led by Jessica Powell, VP of the Hamilton County Land Reutilization Corporation.

Jessica Powell, VP Hamilton County Land Reutilization Corporation

Jessica Powell joined The Port in 2017 to help manage neighborhood revitalization in the overall execution of the Hamilton County Land Reutilization Corporation’s (“Landbank”) board-driven mission and policies. Managed by the Redevelopment Authority since 2012, the Landbank is an important tool addressing vacant and abandoned properties. In this role, Jessica works closely with the neighborhood revitalization team and community development corporations so that she can effectively support and lead holistic, program-driven initiatives that restore properties to productive use. She works closely with the City of Cincinnati and other jurisdictions and community stakeholders to affect management and stewardship of Landbank-owned properties.

Kelley Allesee, Real Estate Counsel

Kelley Allesee is Real Estate Counsel, supporting the Hamilton County Land Reutilization Corporation (HCLRC or Landbank) in its efforts to rehab and reutilize vacant and abandoned property to the fullest and best use. Kelley evaluates properties for acquisition, supports acquisition and disposition of Landbank properties, and prepares contracts and other legal documents to fully implement the tools of the Landbank.  As a member of The Port’s legal team, Kelley assists with contracts for the agency as well as the entities it manages, and provides oversight for contract compliance.

Will Basil, Landbank Manager

Will joined The Port in 2012 as a Planning Associate. Will supports The Port’s neighborhood revitalization strategy through community and stakeholder engagement, property research, and mapping for small and large-scale redevelopment opportunities. Working with CDC and community partners, Will helps manage Hamilton County Land Bank programs focused on returning vacant properties to productive use. He supports the Homesteading and Urban Redevelopment Corporation (HURC) mission through evaluation of properties for neighborhood impact.

Megan Meyer, Real Estate Counsel

Megan Meyer joined The Port in 2015 as Real Estate Counsel. She is experienced in all aspects of real estate and business transaction law, with a special focus on property tax foreclosure policy.  At The Port, Megan’s responsibilities include drafting contracts and agreements to support The Port’s projects and advising on policies around land bank programming, acquisitions, property management, and dispositions.

Ronald Shouse, Real Estate Facilities Manager

Ronald Shouse is Facilities Manager, responsible for the maintenance, security and upkeep of all properties owned by The Port and Hamilton County Landbank. Ron organizes and oversees a team of construction, demolition and maintenance contractors needed to perform regular services on the broad portfolio of buildings and vacant lots, ensuring they are maintained to The Port standards of safety and stewardship. He also manages property-based activities of the Landbank’s demolition programs, and supports all programs of The Port’s Neighborhood Revitalization initiative.

Amy Bancroft, Landbank Associate

Amy Bancroft supports the Hamilton County Landbank team and its mission to return vacant, blighted properties to productive use through a variety of programs. Amy provides pre-acquisition analysis of properties, market research and property surveys. She also helps oversee the application process for individuals and entities interested in acquiring properties from the Landbank. Amy works with key neighborhood partners in addition to coordinating efforts with the city and county.

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The Hamilton County Land Reutilization Corporation is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors. The Board is comprised of members designated by the Ohio Revised Code and experts and leaders in the fields of real estate, local government and economic development from Hamilton County. 

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