Sliver Parcels

Sliver Parcels

If you received a letter from the Landbank, it is because you own property adjacent to an available, sliver parcel.

The property is available/for sale at the County’s annual Forfeited Land Sale. Details about the sale can be found on the County Auditor’s webpage.

The Landbank does not manage the County’s Forfeited Land Sale. But a primary goal of the Landbank is to promote the reclamation of vacant and abandoned land in Hamilton County.

What is a sliver parcel?

  • A sliver parcel is a very small, landlocked or oddly shaped parcel that is of little use on its own but was created for some reason.
  • These properties often are separated from a primary parcel by being excluded during a property transfer or earlier foreclosure.

Why does it matter?

  • As a neighboring owner, you may think you already own this land. You might be maintaining and using it. It may be needed for an existing or future property improvement, such as a driveway, fence, shed, or home addition.
  • These parcels cycle through the tax foreclosure process using finite County resources, are purchased by speculators or otherwise remain forfeited, unclaimed land for years.

How did this property become forfeited?

  • A parcel becomes forfeited land following a delinquent property tax foreclosure. Properties are offered for sale at the end of the foreclosure process. If a property does not sell, it becomes forfeited land.
  • Forfeited land is for sale at the County’s forfeited land sale, annually, until it sells.


If you choose to purchase an adjacent, forfeited property, we recommend that you consider consolidating your parcels into one.  This is accomplished by hiring a licensed Ohio Land Surveyor and requesting a consolidation plat.  When complete, the consolidation plat is submitted to the Hamilton County Engineer, Auditor and Recorder.