Historic Structure Stabilization Program

The Historic Structure Stabilization program assists in stabilizing important, vacant historic buildings in order to preserve these structures for future re-use and redevelopment.

The Landbank leverages external and internal funds to stabilize blighted and vacant historic structures. The Landbank has formed an advisory board made up of local preservationists and real estate professionals to assist in prioritizing the use of funds.

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1201 Linn Street

2013 | West End | Stabilization Cost $151,196

The building at 1201 Linn Street opened as the Casino Theater in 1914, and was renamed the Regal in 1941. Featuring 1,500 seats, the theater opened with a stage for vaudeville and other live acts before switching over to films. Vacant since the 90s, the Hamilton County Landbank acquired the property and performed work to stabilize the structure in 2013.

1910 Freeman Avenue

2013 | West End | Stabilization Cost $100,078

The Freeman Avenue property was built in 1879 and featured in a September 2012 Cincinnati Enquirer story about significant local homes at risk for demolition. Declared a public nuisance, it was once the home of David Hummel, founder of the David Hummel Building Co. Stabilization was completed in 2013.

1912 Freeman Avenue

2013 | West End | Stabilization Cost $39,477

The Freeman Avenue property was built in 1880 and is located in the Dayton Street Local Historic District. Stabilization was completed in 2014.


2710 Woodburn Avenue

2014 | East Walnut Hills | Stabilization Cost $63,256

This brick Victorian residence in East Walnut Hills was stabilized by the Hamilton County Landbank in 2014. Located in the Madison and Woodburn Historic District, included in the National Register of Historic Places in 1983, the single-family home is in a prime location in a neighborhood experiencing significant investment.

18 Mulberry Street

2014 | Mount Auburn | Stabilization Cost $183,309

From 1870 to 1882, beer baron Christian Moerlein called this Mount Auburn structure home. Following years of neglect and vacancy, the structure faced demolition in 2012. The Hamilton County Landbank stepped in and utilized its historic stabilization funds to secure and stabilize the structure.

4000 Colerain Avenue

2014 | Northside | Stabilization Cost $73,786

The former Farmer’s Hotel is Northside’s oldest commercial building, and the only remaining former hotel along Colerain that once catered to farmers as they drove livestock into the City during the Porkopolis days. Following its City Historic Landmark designation, and in close collaboration with NEST, this structure was saved from demolition and stabilized for future redevelopment in 2014.

7428 Hamilton Avenue

2016 | Mount Healthy| Stabilization Cost $40,748

After closing as a theater in 1971, this Mt. Healthy landmark sat mostly vacant apart from a brief stint as a silent auction house. In 2016, the Landbank acquired the property and stabilized the structure before transferring ownership to the City of Mount Healthy. Mount Healthy is currently exploring options to redevelop this centerpiece of the business district.

1710 Elm Street

2015 | Over-the-Rhine | Stabilization Cost $100,000+

The stabilization of 1710 Elm saved this historic structure near Findlay Market. It has since been redeveloped into ground-level retail and residential units. Stabilization was done in partnership with the City of Cincinnati.

 1706 Lang Street

2015 | Over-the-Rhine | Stabilization Cost $134,600

The stabilization of 1706 Lang saved this historic Over-the-Rhine structure from the wrecking ball, preserving it for future redevelopment. Following years of attempts to contact the absentee owner, during a cold snap, large portions of the facade crumbled onto the street. Through a joint effort amongst the Landbank, City of Cincinnati, and the community, this property is in the process of being redeveloped.

644 and 646 Neave

2015 | Lower Price Hill | Stabilization Cost $133,011

These two mixed use, multi-family structures are an important part of the urban fabric in Lower Price Hill, contributing to the neighborhood’s impressively intact Italianate architecture stock. Both are located in the Lower Price Hill Historic District. SSRG performed the stabilization and became involved early on in the process to stabilize a collapsed exterior wall. The Community Learning Center Institute is helping find the right end user in accordance with the community plan.

3341 Montgomery Road

2015 | Evanston | Stabilization Cost $93,880

3341 Montgomery is a 6,000 square foot mixed-use building stabilized and acquired by the Landbank for redevelopment. The property is located just north of Evanston’s southern business district. Redevelopment plans could include local neighborhood-serving businesses renting the 2,000 square feet of first-floor retail while a commercial user occupies the floors above.

6328 Warsaw Avenue

2016 | East Price Hill| Stabilization Cost $32,520

3628 Warsaw was stabilized under the Historic Structure Stabilization Program in 2016. This three-family structure is located in the Warsaw Avenue commercial corridor.

1510 Race Street

2016 | Over-the-Rhine | Stabilization Cost $126,388

The Landbank partnered with Cincinnati City Center Development Corporation (3CDC) to stabilize and save this Italianate, multi-family structure in the heart of the Over-the-Rhine Historic District.

1707 Race Street

2016 | Over-the-Rhine | Stabilization Cost $87,922

The Landbank partnered with Cincinnati City Center Development Corporation (3CDC) to stabilize and save this Italianate, multi-family structure in the heart of the Over-the-Rhine Historic District.

722 and 724 East McMillan Street

2017 | Walnut Hills | Stabilization Cost $300,000

Stabilization of these two business district structures in Walnut Hills is complete. These properties were stabilized in partnership with the City of Cincinnati.

Baymiller Row Houses

Underway | West End | Stabilization Cost $522,132

Stabilization of these six row houses in the West End is currently underway. Located in the Dayton Street Local Historic District, these properties are being stabilized in partnership with the City of Cincinnati. The Landbank is working with the City of Cincinnati, Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses, and the West End neighborhood to determine the best end use for these row houses.

The Landbank accepts nominations of sites across Hamilton County that may be eligible for the Historic Stabilization program funds. The structures must be vacant, blighted, and of some historical significance.

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