Our Work

The core purpose of the HCLRC is to return unproductive properties to contributing, tax-paying status. The HCLRC is committed to achieving this in a way that improves community quality of life, reduces blight and nuisance problems, stabilizes and revitalize neighborhoods, and raises property values. To accomplish this the HCLRC engages in the following work:

Private and Public Development Facilitation

Assist both public and private development efforts by assembling parcels of land into viable development sites.


The HCLRC will work with qualified individuals and organizations who are interested in rehabilitating HCLRC-owned property and who can demonstrate the ability to do so. Interested applicants are encouraged to fill out the Qualified End User/Purchaser Application.

Creative Re-use of Vacant Land

Conveyance of vacant parcels to adjacent property owners so that they may incorporate the previously neglected parcel into their current yard.
Encourage community greening initiatives by assisting in acquisition of land for garden and green space community projects.

Blight and Nuisance Abatement

Using the statutory tools available, the HCLRC will facilitate in community efforts to cope with problem properties. These activities may include code enforcement, securing of abandoned property, and demolition.
The HCLRC is cognizant of Hamilton County’s valuable historic building stock. Through the HCLRC’s Historic Preservation Grant Program and conservation conscious decision making, the HCLRC will facilitate the preservation of contributing historic structures.